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Alum Hollow Trail at Green Mountain

Alum Hollow Trail, situated within Green Mountain Nature Preserve in Huntsville, Alabama, stands out as one of my family’s favorites. Approximately half a mile from the Madison County Nature Trail, it is one among the many trails overseen by The Land Trust of North Alabama. This 2.2- mile out-and-back trail is not only easily navigable but also family-friendly, featuring clear markings, a captivating waterfall, and an intriguing cave.

Alum Hollow earns an easy rating thanks to its smooth, gently sloping terrain, spanning just over 1 mile to reach the captivating waterfall and cave. This trail is an ideal choice for beginners or those accompanied by children. My eldest, at the age of five, navigated the path with ease during our first visit. My youngest, at three, was able to reach the destination while enjoying a few piggyback rides on the return journey.

Hikers embark on a journey along the path, weaving through enchanting trees and crossing bridges across picturesque creeks. After walking a mile, you will reach the breathtaking waterfall and a serene swimming hole nestled alongside a charming creek. Just before you reach this natural wonder, the trail transforms into a rocky descent, adding a touch of adventure that remains manageable. As you make your way down, especially if you have little ones with you, keep a watchful eye.

My children love to wear water shoes to play near the waterfall and creek during warmer months. After enjoying the fall don’t forget to explore the cave awaiting discovery around the corner to the right of the trail. The cave is actually an overhang cliff that Native Americans used for shelter.

From there, hikers can choose to turn back on the same trail they came from, covering a total of 2.5 miles. Alternatively, for a more challenging hike, they can take Ranger Trail, adding an extra 1.3 miles. Ranger Trail is rated difficult due to its rockiness and elevation change. While it may not be the most child-friendly, it’s still a fun trail to add to the mix.

More Information:

Location: 13800 SE S Shawdee Rd, Huntsville, AL 35803

Parking: Plenty of parking is available in front of trailhead.

Difficulty: The trail is rated easy due to its smooth and well-marked path. However, it becomes a little difficult at the end due to a steep downhill decline.

Map: You can find a map here.

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