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Hiking the Jones Valley Loop

Nestled behind the parking lot of the Church of the Nazarene in Huntsville, Alabama, lies a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and casual hikers alikeā€”the Jones Valley Loop Trail. This delightful trail, is part of the Blevins Gap North Preserve and Land Trust of North Alabama Property. It offers a serene hiking experience suitable for all ages.

A Glimpse of the Trail

The Jones Valley Loop Trail is a smooth and easy 0.8-mile loop, perfect for families, beginners, and those looking for a quick nature escape. There are some roots and small rocks along the way, so it is unfortunately not stroller-friendly, but still easy to walk. My boys have done this trail numerous times. Starting at the Fanning Trailhead, the trail begins with a charming boardwalk that runs alongside a picturesque, flowing creek. This initial stretch sets a peaceful tone for the hike, immersing visitors in the natural beauty of the area right from the start.

Navigating the Trail

Following the well-marked signs, hikers will continue straight until they encounter a bridge. Crossing this bridge is a highlight of the journey, offering lovely views of the creek below. After the bridge, the trail continues to follow the stream upwards . There are small waterfalls and features along the way, guiding hikers through a gentle loop that circles back to the starting point.

Seasonal Wonders

One of the standout features of the Jones Valley Loop Trail is its seasonal waterfall, located near the beginning of the trail. This waterfall comes to life after heavy rainfall, providing a spectacular and refreshing sight for hikers. It’s a perfect spot for a brief pause to enjoy the sounds of nature and the beauty of the cascading water.

Other Trails to Take

Discover three trails connecting to Jones Valley Loop:

  1. Little Foot Loop Trail (0.1 mi): Ideal for kids, this trail features Pikler triangles, a small stage, and a scenic path to the water with views of the bridge. my family loves to add this trail on favorite!
  2. Fanning Trail (2.04 mi): Starting at the trailhead, it climbs steeply in the first mile, offering a challenging hike and stunning views at the top.
  3. Bailey Cove Trail (0.26 mi): A short, steep connector of Jones Valley loop and Walsingham , it rewards hikers with beautiful waterfall views.

Trail Information

  • Address: 2275 Cecil Ashburn Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35802
  • Difficulty: Easy, kid-friendly
  • Parking: Parking is in the back of the church, directly in front of the trailhead. Plenty of parking is available.  Though closed on Wednesdays after 6 p.m. and Sundays before noon.
  • Map: A map is of Jones Valley Loop can be found here.

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