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Wade Mountain Nature Preserve- Pulaski Pike Trailhead

Wade Mountain Nature Preserve is a 935-acre natural reserve located in North Huntsville, Alabama. It features an extensive network of trails that cover a total of 12 miles. The preserve offers multiple trailheads, including one at the start of the Wade Mountain Greenway on Pulaski Pike.

Wade Mountain Greenway begins on the Pulaski Pike side of Wade Mountain, offering a smooth, paved walkway that stretches for approximately 1 mile. This pathway is ideal for individuals seeking a short easy stroll, bicyclists, wheelchairs and strollers.

After walking the greenway for approximately 1 mile, two benches mark the end of the paved area and the wilderness starts. The Wade Mountain Greenway Trail then continues for 0.34 miles, featuring a 700 ft ascent. At this point, hikers have the option to choose between two trails: Bostick or Fossil Bench Trail. These two trails eventually merge to create a 5.3-mile loop. Near the start of the unpaved trail section, you’ll find the Cotton Valley Trail, which is perfect for beginners and families. All the trails on this side of Wade Mountain are extremely well-marked

I enjoy visiting Wade Mountain for a relaxing, short stroll that can be extended if desired. The trails are well-shaded, thanks to the abundance of trees. It’s not uncommon to spot deer and other wildlife during your walk.


Wade Mountain Greenway (0.87 mi): A smooth and easily accessible paved pathway that begins right at the Pulaski Pike Trailhead. This section is owned by the City of Huntsville. At the end of the paved greenway, the Land Trust hiking trails begin.

Wade Mountain Greenway Trail (0.34 mi): When the paved walkway ends, the Land Trust part of the trail begins. The trail ascends quickly, ending where two trails Bostick and Fossil Bench Trail Split.

Cotton Valley Trail (0.34 mi): An easy loop off of Wade Mountain Green Trail, perfect to get lost in the woods with the family.

Bostick Trail (1.53 mi):  This trail connects with the Fossil Bench Trail, forming a loop. Most of this trail is flat and easy, with a few steep inclines toward the end of the trail. A seasonal waterfall can be spotted at the North end of the trail.

Fossil Bench Trail (1.28 mi): A trail that connects with the Bostick Trail, forming a loop. The trail is relatively easy, with benches throughout to provide hikers with places to rest. Beautiful scenic views of North Huntsville can be enjoyed at two grassy spots where power-line openings intersect with the landscape.

More Information:

Location: 6946 Pulaski Pike NW, Huntsville, AL , 35810 

Parking: Parking is plentiful in front of the greenway.

Difficulty:Easy, though Fossil Bench Trail and Bostick Trail form a loop that is 5.3 miles in total to walk. For a shorter hike, stick to Wade Mountain Greenway Trail and Cotton Valley Trail

Map: Map of the Preserve can be found here.

There are two more accessible trailheads for Wade Mountain Nature Preserve, located at Spragins Hollow Trailhead (9500 Spragins Hollow Rd) and Fleming Trailhead. At the Fleming Trailhead, there is no parking available. Pedestrians can park at Spragins Hollow and walk half a mile to reach the trailhead. Many more trails of Wade Mountain are located here.

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