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Beaverdam Swamp Boardwalk

Beaverdam Swamp Boardwalk is an excellent place for a quick walk in Huntsville, Alamba. Located off I-565 on County Line Road, the trail is part of the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. It is an easy, well-marked, 1.1-miles out-and-back trail, taking an average 20 minutes to walk. Beaverdam is partially split between a flat, lightly gravel path and boardwalk, making it another stroller and wheelchair friendly trail.

The path is surrounded by Alabama’s largest Swamp Tupelos, trees that thrive in a constant flooded environment.

This trail is perfect for young children and people of varying abilities. Wildlife sightings are common, especially during the wetter seasons. Our favorite time to visit is the fall or spring, right after rain. The swamp tends to be fuller then, and you can spot various birds and even turtles.

During the summer, the swamp tends to dry up and fewer animals are around, but it’s still a beautiful sight. Many bugs that inhabit this place and it is a favorite spot for my kids to catch bugs. Huge dragonflies and butterflies are among the bugs that reside here. However, beware mosquitos are abundant. Hikers may want to wear some bug repellent.

Additional information:

Location: Al Hwy 20, Madison, AL 35756

Parking: Parking lot is directly in front of trailhead.

Difficulty: Easy! This trail is also accessible to people of varying abilities.

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